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Mugs & Teabowls – 3½ day Improvers – May ’24

Mugs & Teabowls – 3½ day Improvers – May ’24 Any regulars at Wobage, will already be familar with our partiality for tea-drinking, and just as importantly, our love of beautiful mugs to go with it! We adore making them too, and can’t wait for this 3½ day course where we will focus on the humble mug in all it's forms, from smallest espresso to large tankard. We will also explore tea bowl making. Students will be encouraged to look closely at the weights and measures of the pots they make, and to challenge these in relation to ergonomi [...]

Teapots – 4½ day Improvers – June ’24

Teapots – 4½ day Improvers – June ’24 Tea and teapots came from China to England in the seventeen hundreds and potters ever since have been continually drawn towards the delights and challenges of this complex form. Today the teapot idiom is now quintessentially part of our English culture. On this 4½ day teapot course, students will tackle the making of separate components – body, spout, lid and handle. Tutorial and demonstration will then advance towards the subtle relationships of these individual parts and how they come t [...]

‘Up-Right?’ – Improvers 2 days – June ’24

‘Up-Right?’ – Improvers 2 days – June ’24 This is a crash course in skill-building upright wheel-throwing. With a mix of group demonstration and one-to-one tuition, Jem will help you to improve upon your skills in throwing more clay: taller, lighter, more economically and more comfortably. The workshop will focus on techniques in single piece throwing, though on day two everyone will have opportunity to move on to multi-part wet throwing, a method often coined 'Carolinian Capping’. Students will use our high-quality stoneware clay for [...]

Earthenware Slip decoration – 4½ day Improvers with Patia Davis – June ’24

Earthenware Slip decoration – 4½ day Improvers with Patia Davis – June ’24 During this 4½ day Improvers, Patia will be sharing the secrets of her vocabulary of alluring and lively mark-making in slip-decorated earthenware, including her tin-can trailing methods. Pleasure in English slipware runs deep in our culture; these lively, robust, warmly decorated pots are so relatable too, and continue to provide us with inspiration today. This course considers both traditional and contemporary approaches to slip application, methods which grew out of post-medieval English [...]

‘Clay Brainstorming’ – Improvers 3½ day – 1st-4th July ’24

‘Clay Brainstorming’ – Improvers 3½ day – 1st-4th July ’24 Needless to say, we absolutely love making pots! But in what ways is our travel enriched with the fresh enquiry of ideas? This course seeks to provide ideas for risk taking and creating new outcomes, which may then become individual to you. The ambition is for us to explore new and potentially unexpected ways of seeing and making. Although we will consider elements of refinement in our making, we will not be looking to develop polished, finished work. Students will use our high-quality stoneware [...]

Big Improvers – 4½ days – July ’24

Big Improvers – 4½ days – July ’24 This course is designed for makers to develop more advanced techniques in wheel-throwing. We are delighted to welcome back Jack Welbourne, to tutor alongside Jeremy for the Thursday and Friday of this course. Jeremy and Jack will demonstrate and provide one to one tutorial, in a range of techniques in throwing and assembling larger forms. We guarantee that we will improve your skills in throwing more clay, more comfortably. This will begin with techniques in single piece throwing and move on [...]

Evening Classes

Evening Classes We welcome enquiries for new 10 week terms. Our Spring Term 2024 already has a reserve list, but if you are interested in enquiring for the next Autumn term, which begin in September 2024, please forward your details via the booking page and we will add you to our reserve lists. Regular classes at Wobage run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 6.45 - 9.15pm, and also on Tuesday afternoons between 2.15 and 4.45pm, for two 9 or 10 week blocks per annum. These Spring and Autumn te [...]